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Katty M. Blake
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Me, myself and I

Katty (Katerinus Blake) is a high school and aspiring law student. Currently exists in Wrocław but may be spotted in other parts of the world, especially during summer holiday migration. Visually, Katty is highly distinctive for her bluest blue eyes, sandy blond hair with no apparent hairdo (except for sporadic ponytail with a pencil stuck in it) and glasses.

Katty is known for being awfully appropriate, low self-esteem and slight inferiority complex, talking too fast and too much and sometimes to herself. Her general down-to-earth attitude makes Katty a good companion.

Katty is a generally gentle geek obsessed with learning and languages, grammar, good literature, angels and TV shows. Self-appointed nerdy writer, not exactly a happy person but definitely not dark and twisted either.

Katty is best spotted on a warm, sunny afternoon. If you have any queries concerning observation or behaviour of Katty, please contact by private message.

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